Vertiv Geist Monitored Rack PDU – (12) C13 | (12) C19 | U-Lock | Vertical | 60A 208V | VP4551V


Outlet Level Monitored Rack PDU VP4551V is a 60A, 208V Delta 0U vertical with input and outlet level power monitoring. It has 12 locking IEC C13 and 12 locking IEC C19 receptacles and a 3P+E IP67 plug providing 17.2kW of power capacity. Outlet-level power monitoring offers quick access to critical power usage information down to […]




Warranty: Vertiv™ Geist™ Monitored rPDUs come with a standard three-year warranty that is automatically extended to five years, if the product is registered within 120 days of purchase.

  • Reliable power distribution with local and remote power monitoring options offer quick access to critical power usage information to evaluate energy usage trends and maximize uptime.
  • Environmental monitoring capabilities ensure users have critical infrastructure data at their fingertips to prevent climate-related equipment failure and system downtime.
  • Upgrade your hot-swappable monitoring device on the fly to leverage new technologies and accommodate changing business needs without having to replace entire power strips.
  • U-Lock receptacles available on select units to secure power cords and avoid accidental disconnections.
  • Simplify circuit and phase balancing with color-coded receptacles available on select units.
  • Monitor power consumption at the outlet-level on select units for a detailed view of power distributed to specific equipment with the outlet level option.
  • Gather comprehensive power data at the palm of your hand with the use of the Vertiv™ VLC mobile app.
  • Every unit is 100% tested for reliability and functionality to ensure units function as designed.
  • North American units are UL listed in accordance with common data center and insurance provider requirements.
  • Standard three-year warranty, upgraded to five years with product
  • Hot-Swappable and upgradeable monitoring device.
  • Local and remote power monitoring with accuracy of +/- 1% (ANSI & IEC Standards).
  • VLC (Visible Light Communication).
  • Environmental monitoring with the addition of optional sensors.
  • High Temperature Grade 60°C for high temperature environments.
  • Color-coded U-Lock receptacles by circuit for instant identification on select units.
  • Simple and quick installation in all standard racks or cabinets with included mounting brackets.
  • TAA compliant.


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